• Tuesday July 25, 2017

    Home to the largest medical center in the world, this Council explores the heartbeat of Houston's medical industry. This series features the leading minds and innovators driving the latest trends in health care delivery along with research and commercialization.
  • Friday July 28, 2017

    Join us for the upcoming Business Development monthly meeting Friday, July 28, 2017.  Registration begins at 8:15 a.m.
  • Tuesday August 1, 2017

    Respected as a political powerhouse at the national level, Texas is also known for its engaging local and state politics. Voting laws, district alignments and party affiliations are critically important. This Council explores the most important political trends that impact the business community.
  • Tuesday August 8, 2017

    From new commercial developments to trends affecting regional development, this Council will examine where the new jobs and announcements occur and explores issues related to expansion of your business. This Council connects you with the leaders making the next big thing happen in Houston.
  • Tuesday August 15, 2017

    As a business in "America's Next Great Global City", members of this Council explore international trade and investment opportunities and connect with resources that can assist with navigating foreign financing, import/export regulations, and other key components of the international business toolkit.

  • Tuesday August 22, 2017

    Innovation is not just a buzz word. Innovation is all around us, from the phones to which we are attached to the ways we get around town. But what does it mean to be an innovator or to grow innovation in Houston? Join HYPE for Innovation: Part 2, a fishbowl panel discussion about what's next for Houston in the realm of innovation.


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